OctoPlus Box 4.0.4 Crack + License Key (2022) Free Download

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OctoPlus Box 4.0.4 Crack + License Key (2022) Free Download

OctoPlus Box 4.0.4 Crack + Serial Key (2022) For PC

OctoPlus Box Crack is multi-talent and multi-brand software. Mobile is a need of everyone, nowadays. Every person uses a cell phone for different purposes. Whereas, some use it to enjoy only. While some work professionally on their cell. While using a device it is our responsibility of ours to protect devices. Hence, for such purposes, we use locks. And in case, we forgot the password we need to rush to a repair shop. And a lot of money and time is consumed there. Well! to avoid some circumstances many manufacturers have to work on this. And they design simple software to solve your issue.

Moreover, This software helps you to repair your cell. Also, it helps in unlocking your device. And flash as well. As a result, one can feel a blessing for their problem. The software in the market is named as OctoPlus Pro Crack. And Hence, Which is used to perform various operations. Such as Unlock, Flash, and repair operations with different cell phones. Moreover, it has new and old services for Samsung cell phones and LG. More, it has a bilingual tool interface. Additionally, it has a modern function with additional services for Mac and mobile OS. OctoPlus Box Serial Key has the main purpose of re-flashing and unlocking LG and Samsung cellphones.

OctoPlus Box Crack + Torrent (Win/Mac) Free Download

Furthermore, it repairs dead boots devices. Such as PDAs, modems, and mobile phones. And also it recovers completely these devices. Until they become fully operational. So, OctoPlus Box provides a content extractor feature. Also, In short, it is a pocket solution to your issues. Above all, one may not need to rush to a shop, for repairs. Therefore, Simply just follow the instructions and download the application. Also, it is simple to use and easier to understand. OctoPlus Box Torrent is a cell phone servicing solution. Hereafter, that combines JTAG and unbox simple interfaces. Additionally, it supports 900 LG, 530 Samsung, and 460 JTAG mobile systems.

All in all, it resolves freeze problems. And also restores NVM and IMEI, network, and Camera. Overall, It allows full support of the A2 platform. Furthermore, it supports the most advance and the latest language pack editor and Soft-bank. Hence, This product is working as professional phone flashing and unlocking tool for mobile. Also, You work with mobiles like. Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, and more other devices. By JTAG, USB, and MMC interfaces. Hence, it is a cool application to deal with your issues. Additionally, It helps you to repair, unlock and flash your mobile.

OctoPlus Box Crack + Product Key (Premium) For Mac

Further, it is a tool that is used to find out the media files. Such as text SMS, images, and much more. Additionally, The more interesting thing about OctoPlus Box Product Key is that everyone can understand it without any hesitation. Moreover, it has the quality to perform work and read data at the same time. All in all, with time. Above all, it gives you the latest update about flashing files. With this tool, all desires come true. So, I am 100% sure with this application you can live your dreams. Also, I am 200% Sure about this. Hence, It is very amazing as well as an attractive tool. Moreover, It is the best for every user.

Furthermore, now we can say. That it can figure out all types of problems. And due to its latest features. Due to its advanced features, it becomes the first choice for users. All in all, it becomes the most famous software all around the world. Furthermore, this software does not affect the speed of your device. Additionally, there is one thing more. Which I want to share with all of you. That when you use this application you will be happy and enjoy it. Furthermore, If you think it is more payable software? then come to my site and download it free. Moreover, you have the free hand to use this software freely.

OctoPlus Box 4.0.4 Crack + License Key (2022) Free Download

OctoPlus Box Crack Features:

  • Unlocks and Repairs IMEI/Bluetooth.
  • As well as. Write Firmware and Read/Calculate Codes.
  • Moreover, Write and read Flash fully also read/ write GDFS.
  • Repair NVM also writes and reads it.
  • Above all, Edit advanced language and read, write, and repair EEPROM.
  • Also, Repair and write, read security, TA, and also backup.
  • Reset hard and factory.
  • Above all, It Repairs WiFi addresses and EFS.
  • More, Reset pattern lock and Screen Lock.
  • Lastly, Fs Formats.

Hardware Features:

  1. Built-in JTAG PIN finder.
  2. USB CCID smart card reader.
  3. Moreover, Unibox is capable and  RJ45 Multiport.
  4. Also, High-speed hardware 2.0 fast USB.
  5. it supports 1-bit and 4- bit MMC bus modes.
  6. Moreover, 20-pin JTAG interface.
  7. 24MHz JTAG speed.
  8. Also, the Speed of transfer is up to 1 MB/s.

Software Features:

  • Smart and easy Graphical User Interface for both beginners and experts.
  • Supports full operations (Read, Write and Edit) by JTAG, MMC, and USB interfaces.
  • Additionally, Repairs the target device through (SRF) Smart-Repair-Files.
  • SRF takes necessary data and partitions data that help files and diagrams.
  • Furthermore, Users easily download files directly from the software in a short time.

Multiple Device Support Software:

  • HTC
  • SoftBank
  • Sony
  • Sony Ericsson
  • TeXet
  • Toshiba
  • KTFT Ever (EV-W530)
  • INQ (Mini 3G)
  • Motorola ( MB200, MB501, XT615)
  • Nokia (Lumia 520, Lumia 630 Dual SIM (RM-978), X (RM-980))
  • Lenovo (A1000F, A3000F, A390, A6000, A706, A760, P780, S820, S856)
  • Micromax (A60, FPT V)
  • Huawei

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows: XP| Vista|8,8.1|10|7.
  • Mac: 10.11 is the best.
  • CPU: Either 2.6 GHz or higher.
  • RAM: Above 4GB.
  • HDD Space: Up to 1GB.

Support LG:

  • A-series
  • AS-series
  • B-series
  • BL-series
  • C-series
  • CB-series
  • CE-series
  • CF-series
  • CG-series
  • CT-series
  • CU-series
  • D-series
  • DM-series
  • E-series
  • F-series
  • G-series
  • GB-series
  • GC-series
  • GD-series
  • X-series

Support SAMSUNG:

  • Galaxy S-series
  • Galaxy Tab-series
  • GT-5-series
  • GT-B-series
  • GT-C-series
  • GT-E-series
  • GT-I-series
  • GT-N-series
  • GT-P-series
  • GT-S-series
  • GT-T-series
  • J-series
  • SC-0-series
  • SCH-I-series
  • SCH-M-series
  • SCH-N-series
  • SCH-R-series
  • SCH-W-series
  • SCL-series
  • SGH-B-series
  • SGH-C-series
  • SGH-I-series
  • SGH-M-series
  • SGH-S-series
  • SGH-T-series
  • SHV-E-series
  • SHW-A-series
  • SHW-M-series
  • SM-A-series
  • SM-B-series
  • SM-C-series
  • SM-E-series
  • SM-G-series
  • SM-J-series
  • SM-N-series
  • SM-P-series
  • SM-R-series
  • SM-T-series
  • SM-W-series
  • SM-Z-series
  • SoftBank-series
  • SPH-G-series
  • SPH-L-series
  • SPH-M-series
  • SPH-W-series
  • T-series
  • YP-G-series


  1. Fly3G


  • S1
  • S2


  • Zenfone 2 (Z00ED) 16GB


  • XCD35


  • Nuvifone A50

Cherry Mobile:

  • Rave


  • Q7A


  1. One-Touch 4030
  2. OT-X090S
  3. OT-990


  • GSmart G1345
  • G1342, GSmart G1310
  • GSmart Rio R1
  • Lastly, GSmart G1317D


  • HC-C2000
  • HC-C2076

How To Crack?

  • Firstly, uninstall the last version.
  • Secondly, Download the new using the link given below.
  • Extract the setup file using Winrar.
  • Paste it to a safe location.
  • Run it to administration.
  • Now, Copy the crack code and paste.
  • Click to finish.
  • Lastly, Restart the PC.
  • All done.
  • Enjoy OctoPlus Box.

What is OctoPlus Pro Box?

Octoplus Pro Box is a multibrand tool. That allows you to service various cell phones. Also, its features are a wide range of service operations. For most existing LG & Samsung cell phones. Moreover, it is a pocket service to your device.

What is the use of the OctoPlus box?

Octoplus Box allows you to perform various functions. Such as Flash/Decode/Repair operations with Samsung and LG cell phones.

What is OctoPlus JTAG?

The main purpose of Medusa JTAG Box is. To repair dead boots of the devices. Such as cell phones, PDAs, modems, etc.


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